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The Cultural Research Divers and The Coney Island History Project set up an expedition to dive the ill-fated Quester Submarine  in Coney Island. We were the first to discover the sub in 1996, as reported by the New York Times. The sub became famous as a result. The Quester was built by DEEP SEA TECHNIQUES , INC. in the early 1970's, by Jerry Bianco, a professional welder. He had planned to use his sub to explore the Andrea Doria. Mr. Bianco's problems began when he prematurely called the press before his sub was placed into the water. The crane could not lift it off the truck, so Mr. Bianco decided to remove the ballast, to lighten the sub. The crane was then able to lift the sub, and lower it into the water, but released the straps before the ballast was replaced. The sub quickly keeled over 45 degrees. The press crucified him, and laughed at his submarine. Unfortunately, this caused Mr. Bianco to lose his backers,  who would have funded the rest of the expedition. The sub did make some sea trials, going down to 90 feet, but Mr. Bianco ran out of funds--and the project died. The sub broke free from its berth during a storm, and ended up in its current location.